About Us

Manufacturing at Chemitop belongs to Product Ready, a functional unit where we strive for innovation and improvement to supply our customers with quality products in regulatory compliance, with reliable delivery and at competitive cost. Our ISO 9001 production facilities and offices on three continents adhere to corporate values of Quality, Integrity, Diversity and Responsibility to create the best experience for our customers. Our mission is to become a multinational company that provides an one-stop solution to bonding, filling and sealing applications.


Founded in 1989, Chemitop specialised in the distribution and export of consumer adhesives as a small scale family business. The first cyanoacrylate adhesive manufacturing plant was established in the following year to meet the rapidly growing demand from our offshore customers. In the 1990s the National Productivity Council in Taiwan was lured by our annual export volumes and offered assistance to expand further.

Moving to South Africa

From 1990s to date, Chemitop TW remain operational and works in close cooperation with Chemitop SA after the founder’s immigration to South Africa. The primary focus of these offices have been providing OEM services to worldwide renowned brands, and hence a low profile presence in the adhesives and sealants industry.

For Consumer Markets

In 1998 the silicones and hot melt adhesives were added to the existing product lines and introduced to the consumer markets under the first trademarks (CARTELL®, MXBON®, SATLON®, TOP® and BLACK MAMBA®). These products continue to be manufactured at our factories in Taiwan and China.

For Industrial Markets - Windows and Facades

In late 2000s Chemitop became aggressively active in the Chinese industrial markets. A professional range of products such as Weatherproofing Sealants, Joint Sealants, Insulating Glass and Structural Glazing Sealants were engineered in compliance to rigorous performance standards including but not limited to CE Marking, SNJF and ASTM.

For Industrial Markets - Construction and Automotive

Following the establishment of Chemitop CA in 2010, we invested in a polyurethane manufacturing plant and launched a series of elastomer, insulating fillers, and adhesives specifically designed for construction professionals and automotive fitment centers.

Now and the Future

In late 2014 Chemitop acquired a vacant stand at Midway Industrial Park to custom build our new headquarter. Featuring a contemporary industrial aesthetic, the adhesives and sealants required for this project will only be our own range of products. The drawings are currently pending approvals at the City of Tshwane and the expected commencement is early 2018.